V.I.P. Protection

V.I.P. Protection is designed for famous, wealthy or politically important figures. V.I.P. protection officers protect their clients from assault, kidnapping

Crowd Controllers

Distinctly uniformed crowd controllers can monitor crowds/patrons based on a range of criteria.

Security Guards

Our security guards protect property, assets, or people through maintaining a high visibility presence.

CCTV/Alarm Installation, Monitoring & Servicing

CCTV/Alarm Installation, Monitoring & Servicing protect property, assets, or people.

Personal Security Advice

Anything to do with security we are more than willing to assist you. You could be moving to a new site and want to know the best means to secure it.

Financial Escorts

Financial Escorts protect property and assets as they are being transported.

Canine Security

Distinctly Uniformed Security Personnel with Canine protect property, assets, or people.

Mobile Security Patrols/Alarm Response

Security Patrols protect property, assets, or even lock up your site.

Event Staff, Cleaners & General Workers

Corporate Security Australia is mainly known for it’s security personnel.

However we like to think of ourselves as a “one stop shop” for our client’s man power needs.